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Ms. found in a telephone [Apr. 21st, 2011|09:08 am]
Chroma IF
[N/P: |Snoring]

I did not know how to answer it,so missed a possible chance to reunite this found-phone-thing with its soon-to-be-former owner.
Now it does not ring. No service.

Screen lock: internet.
Erasure procedure: more Internet.
How to get screen unlock code from provider: more Internet.
Nothing written down inside battery compartment: Ah Shit.
Erasure procedure.
No more screen lock.
No more 'contacts' either- since the mention of something IN my eye makes me ill, this to me is OK.

I can find the number for STBFO's voicemail but cannot leave a message without that one's phone number.
Did I know *that*, I'd be done with this shindig, which may happen soon anyway.

Let's see, what do we have now?
One '3G' slippery blackplastic with fairly good video res unless one moves around quickly. I will assume that the blonde youngster with the makeup is the s-t-b-f-o, that the pretty stud-faced long-dark-haired youngsters are her friends, that the van is Mom/Dad's, that the cutie in the blue undershirt is her brother or oughta be, and that it is okay to speak of these people as kids: they smoke Marlboro Reds, for chrissake.

Much drunkenness and hilarity, I laughed my ass off looking at her movies, which god alone could (not 'would') convince me to post without consent. Looks a lot like youngster activities I helped instigate.
Except where we did it with weed and Smirnoff, our friends on guitar, in the countryside, with 110 snap-cameras and a 35MM on loan from John Rugebrecht, these guys do it with, well, different weed, JD, and [Tupac? I have no idea] some other dude, in a loud lossy format, in someone's apartment. Everyone's different, I say far too often.. .

Actually I kind of like this girl. She seems like the kind of person who would lend you her eyeliner (black) at your steady's prom, when you had changed clothes at the last minute and so left your own makeup behind. The kind of person who was real good at being poster-pretty (sexy) so I didn't have to. She may even end up being the great mom I never woulda been.

I will try craigslist, then use the thing for a video camera. The sound isn't quite as good as my ipod but it has a better res, and I have the cables to charge it.

Please write your name/number/something inside the battery compartment, under the battery, with a sharpie, cover it with clear polish. Replace battery afterwards. I have no need or desire to get over on you, only to get your phone back to you as I would want my own back.

In the meantime it will make a nifty camera.

[User Picture]From: mesila
2011-04-30 02:06 pm (UTC)
EVERYONE is getting an eyephone/eyepad/&droid 3G 4G what's next, 5g? Gee gee gee gee gee.

I want one of the damn things you can manipulate with your finger on this Big Screen, super slabs. Mine (and yours) are a hairsbreadth beneath Ubercool, that's how it always is. I can never bring myself to pay what a Far Out slab would cost, until the price drops beneath a line which is also the Superslab/Non-Superslab division line.

I talk like this is actually important. Criminy, what happened to me? As for contacts, I'd actually die for some, I am so godsdamned sick of these cagelike glasses and frames sliding down my damn sweaty schnozz and every time I push 'em up I can see right again realising I ain't been for the previous hour.

Will take your suggestion in case I lose my stupid Messager which would rob me of the opportunity to have an excuse to get something better--but also, I would lose all the shit I had slab-snapped with my camera or video (tho' I can't get a vid over a fucking meg to upload to the net anyway. AND THE effin' key is driving me around and around the bend; I think I haven't texted anyone in a couple of weeks.

So where did this cute young thing leave her Super Slab so carelessly? Suggests Rich Folks who get her New Things all the time. Why do ya think I grew up with the habit of losing my shit all the time, the habit I do seem to have finally been poor enough long enough to lose. Hooray.

PS: "Cloud" I just figured out, it's nothing more than backing up your shit on Skydrive and running things like the halfassed online P-shop program. This notion that your desktop is less important now. I say only slightly so; the 'cloud' is handy but nothing exciting.

Re programming rant on my journal:
I bet DookieDeekoo doesn't know what Agile means, either... ;-7
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