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Chroma IF

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almost ready? [Feb. 9th, 2014|05:12 am]
Chroma IF
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changed my hair- it was a pretty blue I had for a year, looked good but a little too bright for jobhunting. I meant to make it grey, but the 'titanium' dye didn't take as well as I hoped even though i left it in all night. I think my hair just likes being blue. At least it is now more Matronly than Cool; a strange blue-gray I hope will go with my job hunting clothes.
Got new lenses- old goldfill frames still work thank goodness- the lenses alone cost $380 which is twice the doctor fee!
Now I have to do resume update, dig out my old letters of rec, and prepare to stop smoking weed in case I have to pee in a bottle. I will not knowingly apply for work with constant random testing as it would only be wasting everyone's time, but I figure if you cannot abstain for a few weeks you don't really want the job.
What job? Something in town, I don't drive. Work with my hands, preferably with people, part time so I don't aggravate my old work injuries. Money not really important right now compared to comfort; if I don't like the job I should not be there and soon won't.
Wish me good timing and fresh breath.