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call me Hep [Feb. 28th, 2011|12:23 am]
Chroma IF
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The individual heretofore known as 'you' and who may bear a strong resemblence 903:12 AM 2/24/2011213903:12 AM 2/24/2011

oops. see what I mean? dint even know my kb had a timestamp; or maybe it is my elbow.

personally I avoid to broadcast name and face and never together if I can help it. why?
because I have a less than ordinary face and if they saw me for one second they would find me, and that would not do.
look, it is not easy when your name is Hepzibah Czerny. Call me Hep if you like. I am thinking perhaps it should be 'Hepa' but go tell them that. Or call me Mad; tis short for Madeleine; my street name: and now you know what I look like.

A name is a label; it is what one is called. It is for the use of anyone not oneself.
I usually call myself 'you' if I ain't mad at myself - my parents started that one.

I may know that Lasangacide was J.C. Stanton, but in order to compliment him personally on his Poetic Midnight Snack Cereal one must first find him. James Tiptree was Alice Sheldon, but she is dead and beyond the reach of her directors-at-work who might have objected to one of their employees being, like, so penetrating and thoughtful and painfully open-minded.

Han Lu Han, anybody there?

I'm real, I am: smack my ass and find out.
This is what comes of educating the intelligent and the gifted: when you fail to properly load them, they invent the Internet.

I wasn't there: it sounds like a way for people, not personally known one to another, to conversate about something they'd in common. Left alone for too long, they invented UNIX, which is apparently an object of contention to be sawn in half, just like the old story, to be divided fairly among the claimants. It's too bad, really- a few years ago anybody could be UNIX: all one had to do to do it was do it. I cannot, but I would like to be able to pay someone to be UNIX for me.

Now people not known one to another use the net to 'meet' one another and another and another and we do not want each to find out about the things they *don't* have in common with us.
This is reasonable enough for me, but I was spawned and gently reared by a neo-Luddite so do not constitute a quorum.

"The death of community" "They are lonely because they don't know any real people because they are too busy meeting fake people"

There are fake people on the internet but they are at present fairly easy to spot. "Pretty Marya Teen Raped Crying" is "Naked Liane Wet Pussy Shaved" is "Throw Five Words From List". I'd be interested to know if this goes on in languages with other character sets and if the format is the same, but this is rather like asking people on the street if they are detritus or Detroit: one is lucky to get any answer at all.

I know some real people but they do not necessarily want to discuss the finer points of this and that at 4 am.

100 years ago the town minister may not have wanted to see your genitals, or if he did he possibly would not have wanted anyone else to know.

"The boys" do not want "the girls" around at certain times any more than 'the women' want 'the men' around at certain times. Neither of these will thank anyone who attempts to Break Down This Awful Barrier- I know, I have been on both ends and resented it both ways.

I'll tell just about anyone just about anything, but will tell no one everything. You all can get together and piece it out if you like, just don't bother me about it. "Hepzibah Czerny is really sync separator!"
Well, duh, as they say: anyone can see that sync separator is a nom de net: look it up on google and see.

Time to go outside and see if the neighbors are done with that Awful Stuff they do at times, and repeat my own advice to myself: do not expect things to be what they ain't.